Thursday, August 05, 2010

August Middle Vaal report

I cannot believe the months are flying by as fast as they are at the moment. I’m turning 40 next month and I think life is picking up speed as we get older. I’m glad to say it’s still cool I’m still enjoying the ride. I still haven’t managed a trip to the Vaal and winter is almost over, it’s certainly shorts & t-shirts weather on the northern side of the Magalies. We spent a weekend in the Pilanesberg, lots of photos again no fishing except for the lady at the top. While out in the bush I could see the signs are there that nature is slowly getting ready for spring.

We got a question on the blog “I just found your blog, awesome stuff, any new stuff happening regarding the vaal system, I am wanting to do a trip there in about a month time, what would you suggest I start tying up?”
I can recommend an old favourite The Adams, one which should always be in your box. Whether fishing for trout or yellows just about anything that would take a fly, I’ve taken a tilapia on it.

Some fishing news from Herman Botes, one of the best out there!
“Fished yesterday afternoon (landed 6 smallies ).Nymphed the whole water column. Picked fish up close to the bottom , mid water and 2 feet below surface.

Sparse mid afternoon hatch of BWO . Wind pumped so no surface activity.
Midges #20 -22 trickling of during afternoon. No hatch activity at dusk.
Big mature caddis larva( on rocks)-macrostemum capense- First hatches should start in 1 month."

Cheers Carl & Keith