Monday, December 07, 2009

December 2009 Middle Vaal Report

I do not have a lot to report other than the fish are eating and we are at the mercy of summer rains for good water conditions. Flows have been manageable with a few spikes and the resultant drop in water clarity. In the absence of major frontal systems, like the one we had 2 weeks ago, you will experience Highveld thunderstorms on most afternoons. Not much you can do about that but hunker down and make sure you do not become lightning fodder. Most of these are over within 30 minutes affording you excellent fishing for the rest of the afternoon.
As the daytime and water temperatures increase go look for the fish in the shade. Overhanging trees and undercut banks should be worked thoroughly – do not take no for an answer. At times you have to go in tight against the bank and do a few drifts in the good spots. You will be amazed how a fish will only take after the 4th or 5th drift.

Me? I’m of to Sterkfontein dam to satisfy my insatiable lust for dry fly fishing. If you are on the roads this festive season travel safely.

Blessed Christmas to you and your family. Happy New Year.
Carl & Keith