Tuesday, February 09, 2010

February 2010 Middle Vaal Report

Vaaldam overflow thanks to Henia for sharing her work.

So what do I tell you about fishing conditions on our favourite section of the river? Not a lot – there is no fishing as the river is in absolute turmoil! Unless you are innovative like these guys.

I’m not making any predictions or forecasts on when you can go out again but we will be extremely lucky to get the river back in fishable condition by April. I’m sure there are some who will not be able to hold out until then, my suggestions would rank:
1. Sterkfontein dam.
2. Vaal tributaries, they clear up quicker and the flow rate is lower. Google Earth can assist you, but access is one of the biggest issues. Keep your own safety in mind.
3. Vaal margins. I’m seeing reports of people fishing in the “new” parts of the river. A very challenging prospect which require you to find the new holding spots and deep holes! Keep in mind that the fish feed differently in these zones as the rocks will be void of any aquatic insects.
4. Start another hobby.

I’m not too keen on 2 & 3 – it is a personal bias don’t discard it. I just prefer clean water or at least a chance to fish to sighted fish close to the surface. The Vaal despite it’s name does offer enough of it to make a worthwhile option.

My other hobby photography is coming in very handy at the moment, it helps me burn the excess cash I’m not spending on fishing equipment and I get to do something over the weekends. Photography forms a great symbiotic relationship with fly fishing – we fish in some of the most scenic places on this planet and what better way to capture it all.

I also enjoy birding when out fishing and now it keeps me busy when the fishing is slow – or non existent. A few years back I decided to progress from just knowing it is a kingfisher to identify it as a half-collard kingfisher. It adds more to the whole purpose of getting out and being in nature.

White-faced duck