Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Middle Vaal Report

The Vaal is back to safe wadeable and easy fishable flow rates. I’m glad the fish and fisherman got some respite from the severe floods before winter sets in.
Autumn is a great time on the Vaal, the fish will be feeding well to bulk up for winter. Please note they do not hibernate but continue feeding throughout the
cold months – finding them and presenting the right fly is the key to success. With the constant flows clarity should improve during the next few weeks.

The fish will continue feeding in the rapids depending on the water temperatures and time of day. Be prepared to move around if you don’t find them there or see consistent feeding in other areas. You should also make allowance for the time of day. We are all eager to get to the water as early as possible, but I think you’ll have a more enjoyable day if you give your wife breakfast in bed and then head out. The extra brownie points will give you more time on the water in the late afternoon and early evening. This is a special time, the fish get more relaxed as the sun dips below the horizon with the threat of predators diminishing.

They become aggressive feeders moving into the shallow rapids, glides and tail-outs eager to take a well presented dry or hedge your bets with a dropper added.
My suggestion would be to limit casting and rather wait for the right moment, the fish will move closer to you, offering an easier opportunity.

Good luck and enjoy
Carl & Keith