Friday, September 22, 2006

Spring is in the air and the fish are spawning!

Hi guys,

The smallmouth yellows have spawned early (even earlier than last year's early spawn). They should normally spawn on 1st rains in early October when water temps hit a dawn minimum of 20-21 degrees (in my experience). Well we saw them start spawning in early evening a week ago in the Vredefort dome so they should be almost finished by now in that area.

Please be nice to the spawners and their eggs by not walking through shallow riffles and thereby trampling eggs.

With summer upon us your catch rate will probably increase massively, please check out this brief guide to safely catching and releasing fish.

I've managed to get on the water a few times in the past week or 2 and the fish have obliged nicely from the bottom of the deep runs, to the shallows to the surface on dries in the evening...get out there and have some fun!

keith (remember to post your comments)

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