Thursday, January 11, 2007

Spawning alert!

On Tuesday I noted significant numbers of smallmouth yellows spawning in the shallow fast water in the middle Vaal. This spawning should continue in the area for the next week at least. Please don't disturb these fish. Don't attempt to catch them, don't walk over their spawning habitat...stay away!!

I have heard disturbing reports of a number of SA's better known "top flyfishermen" knowingly casting at spawning fish at a recent event on the middle Vaal River near the Vredefort dome, you know who you are, cut it out!!

If you notice people casting at spawners please approach them and explain the fish are spawning and that they should not be targeted by anglers, if the angler continues after your polite intervention please photohraph the idiot and send the images to me. I will post the images to this blog and publicly shame the individual: remember the Vaal flyfishing community is a small one... these people's faces will be recognised by friends, work colleagues etc.

We spent some time finding non spawning fish and casting to sited fish with dries and emergers. Bruce got a 4.5kg fish on a dry at midday in 12 inches of water :-)

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