Monday, November 28, 2011

December 2011 Middle Vaal Report

That is it, it is a month before Christmas and the irritating jingles are playing in the shops so another year is gone. The fishing season since the end of winter is one of the best we’ve experienced in a few years. The fish were eager to take the fly and the water clarity was great. I hope you made the effort to get onto the water.

Panning for gold
I’m so thankful the summer rains has started - in moderation I believe it is good for the fishing. It is a lovely relief from the heat wave and the farmers in the middle Vaal must’ve sighed a sigh of relief. We are still getting reports of trophy kudu bulls dying on the farm in Alldays, the last decent rain was in Febuary this year and therefore I never complain when it rains. The weather forecasters are predicting a wet summer with La Nina conditions, so fishing trips will require good planning, a bit of luck and some weekday sneaking out! Also just remember grass will grow faster if you mow it frequently skipping a Saturday is good for the root system to develop.

The Doctor's medicine
I’m off to the coast in a few weeks, hopefully the Garden Route will heat up and the leeries or skipjack will show themselves. Last year I didn’t even bother to pick up a rod. But knowing the fickle nature of the weather and sea I hedged my bets. I booked a sleepover on the return trip on the Rooipoort Nature Reserve bordering the Vaal near Kimberley.
We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a happy new year. Enjoy your break, drive safely, don’t drink and drive, watch out for the lightning and just relax :-)! Seriously just enjoy the fishing!


Carl and Keith

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